Credit: Courtesy of Nespresso

Time was when an egg made for an adequate gift come Easter. Now, chocolate in any shape is considered the entrée to the main event (more chocolate) and a holiday once synonymous with savouring the sweet has become a dessert degustation carried out over a number of weeks.

But more isn’t necessarily more at this time of year, and nobody (or, more accurately, no object) knows that quite so intuitively as the Nespresso Essenza Mini, a machine that knows exactly when enough is just right.

The Essenza Mini is Nespresso’s smallest machine to date (weighing in at a slim 2.3kg) and comes in an array of stylish designs to blend seamlessly into your life – a subtle reminder that restraint is a dish best served at the perfect temperature (one that ensures that each aroma in every capsule is perfectly expressed).

To help spread the good word, we’ve partnered with Nespresso to give away one Essenza Mini machine for 10 days in the lead up to Easter.

To enter the competition, search the news stories posted in the Daily Edit on to find the hidden Nespresso Essenza Mini machines located within select articles. Then simply follow the prompts to our entry page and fill out your details as required. Be sure to catch the daily clues posted on GRAZIA’s Instagram story for a hint to where it’s hiding.  ?


Don’t worry about putting all your eggs in one basket on one day. We’re giving away one Essenza Mini machine each day for 10 days, so check back every day for more chances to win.

Happy hunting! 

Tile and cover image: Courtesy of Nespresso