Right now, we want to be Margot Robbie. Academy Award nominee. Film producer. Chanel ambassador. General dreamboat. So, when she walked down the Oscars red carpet with a freshly cut bob, all of a sudden we wanted to reach for the scissors (or, get our hairstylist to). Margot’s freshly shorn tresses sat somewhere between a lob and a bob (that intangible grey area which comes down to the wire, or millimetre), it wasn’t quite chin-grazing, it wasn’t quite shoulder-skimming – it was somewhere in between, and it was glorious.

Blunt and bleached (except for a slight peep of dark root – how naughty), it fell with newfound weight at the ends, and was gently kinked through the mid-lengths for a touch of movement. Robbie isn’t one for volume, favouring polish over puff, and once again stuck to her guns – quite literally – with a flattening of hair at the crown. But what prompted this new abbreviated length? Chanel, of course. “Tonight’s look was inspired by Margot’s Chanel couture gown. Her dress was extremely feminine and elegant, and we wanted to take the length of her hair up to make sure that it felt very classic and modern to go with her gorgeous dress,” noted her hairstylist Bryce Scarlett for Moroccanoil.

On the other side of the carpet, another chop made its debut by way of Saoirse Ronan. Ronan’s was a true bob, bunking in around her jaw – it was ironed out flat, parted down the middle and tucked behind both ears (cool-girl-hair 101). Her hairstylist, Adir Abergel, cut this little ladybird’s hair right before the ceremony:  “Ending this season with a chop on another of my favourite humans Saoirse Ronan – GOOD LUCK TONIGHT BABY GIRL!” And what a chop it was. Razor-sharp and tapered perfectly, it was beautifully sleek and unfussy – much like Ronan.

Two bobs are better than one, Margot and Saoirse prove this. Plus, all those with scissor-happy sensibilities – i.e. every hairdresser – will be pleased. It’s offical; hair’s out for the chop.