Leave it to Rihanna to bring back a trend. Towels. Socks and sandals. Coloured fur. Coloured strobe. Coloured anything. She’s a kind of trend oracle that spews forth unexpected trend after unexpected trend for us to relish and try (sometimes abominably), but attempt nonetheless. And the latest unexpected trend Rihanna is digging up from the cultural archives? Body glitter.

A sparkling ode to the ’90s, she teased out a new full-body luminiser called Body Lava (how very RiRi), where shades of peach, pearl and gold glitter will erupt all over skin with sparkly glee. It’s the first foray for Fenty Beauty into the body category, and one we’re accepting with open arms (and all other bodily parts).

Along with the the liquid luminiser, there is another kitschy throwback product; le pouf. Taking to her Instagram stories with a kind of quick-fire beauty tutorial, RiRi pats on the giant, glittery, fluffy pouf to reveal more shimmer on her décolletage. Aptly named the Fairy Bomb, it coexists with a new pink-bristled Kabuki brush, rounding out our highlighting dreams. And for a brand built upon the glowing foundations of highlighting, it makes complete sense to work your way down to glitter town.

Debuting April 6, it seems things are about to get a lot shinier for the Fenty brigade – from head to toe. And for those nineties babies still traumatised by those thick, goopy pots of body glitter, fear not. Rihanna’s take is of course much cooler and a whole lot more modern. This time think smooth, pearlescent shimmer, like you’ve just basked in the afterglow of a disco ball, as oppose to literally rubbing shoulders with it.

In the digital words of Rihanna: #whoneedsclothes. Particularly when you have body glitter.