Credit Instagram: @kayla_itsines

In a country where we spend a whopping $8.5 billion+ a year on working out, it seems fitting that we’ve managed to produce the number one fitness influencer across the globe – according to the debut edition of Forbes’ Top Influencers in Fitness. Kayla Itsines, you are the Beyoncé of the fitness world.  

Reportedly generating $US17 million in revenue in 2016 alone for her “Sweat With Kayla” app, and with 6.7 million (very engaged) Instagram followers to her name, Itsines can well and truly take her crown as the workout queen. And a fun fact about Itsines – her hashtag #BBG has not only had over 5 million tags, but has also spawned a series of spin-offs, think #bbgprogess, #bbgtransformation, #bbgcommunity… you get the picture.

But Itsines isn’t the only Aussie making the list of Top 10 Influencers, with Emily Skye also coming in high in the rankings to take up third spot. Launching her blog in 2011 where she would share her meals, workouts, and fitness competition experiences – Skye now has  a following of 2 million on Instagram, her own online workout program including an app and video tutorials, a makeup line, and will be launching a sneaker line with Reebok next year. Not a bad little resumé she’s got going on there. 

Credit Instagram: @emilyskyefit

Taking to Instagram (where else?!) to reveal her excitement about the news, Skye posted: “WOW! @forbes has released their top influencers list and they’ve named me #3 in the world in the Fitness Influencer category! What an honour to be included amongst the these amazing group of people! ??? Thank you so much Forbes! I am absolutely blown away! ?? I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without my incredible family, friends and all of you – my AMAZING followers! ?? Some of you have been supporting me on my fitness journey since I first started lifting weights 7.5 years ago! – Thank you! ?

“A lot of people have criticized me over the years, saying things like “you’re taking it too far” “you’re looking manly” or “you’re obsessed” and many people told me I’d never “make it” …and while that hurt, I didn’t let it stop me because I was FINALLY doing what made me happy. 
When you combine self belief, hard work, passion, good intentions and integrity – amazing things happen. ☺ Don’t ever let ANYONE tell you you can’t do something. Always go for the things you want in life because they sure can become a reality – take it from me! Let people talk crap while you invest your time and energy into creating a life you love. ??…”

Credit Instagram: @jenselter

Below, we take at look at those influencers joining Itsines and Skye on Forbes’ list of Top 10: 

1. Kayla Itsines – Australia
2. Jennifer Selter (‘JenSelter’) – US
3. Emily Skye (‘EmilySkyeFit’) – Australia
4. Michelle Lewin (‘Michelle_Lewin’) – US
5. Joe Wicks (‘thebodycoach’) – UK
6. Cassey Ho (‘blogilates’) – US
7. Simeon Panda – UK
8. Lyzabeth Lopez – Canada
9. Natalie Jill (‘NatalieJillFit’) – US
10. Rachel Brathen (‘yoga_girl’) – Aruba