Another Tuesday rolls around in all its unremarkable glory. You commute to work, do the groceries and postpone the gym yet again. You’re tired and need a holiday, but work and bills keep winning. You procrastinate by scrolling the ‘gram and realise that a certain celebrity is out there living your best life. They’re on your vacation, sipping your cocktail and watching your sunsets. In a burst of yolo adrenaline you realise it’s time to book A-grade accommodation like an A-list star. You deserve to live like your parallel-universe celebrity, your Hollywood holiday doppelgänger.

But who is it? And where to?

Choose your own adventure to find out…


Adventure one

Strolling sandy islands and paddle boarding into the sunset might be the summer-fantasy-norm for many but you dream of long walks towards penne arrabiata and moonlit cups of gelato. You’ll take in a cosy ristorante with a glass of sangiovese following your afternoon siesta and maybe just swipe the credit card at Dolce & Gabbana on the way home. This is La Dolce Vita, after all.

You chose…eating your way through in Rome with Emilia Clarke

Instagram @emilia_clarke

Key look to pack:

Dolce & Gabbana ‘Lucia’ shoulder bag, $2750 from Net-A-Porter, SHOP NOW
Zara wool coat, $219, SHOP NOW
Velvet ‘Nalani’ skirt, $203 from Shopbop, SHOP NOW

Adventure two

You’re always voted the ‘one most expected to do the unexpected’. While your peers learned to pose, you learned to code. You’ve got the smarts and you want to see it all. You don’t hit up Trip Advisor for the top 10 five-star hotels, you Google ‘beaten track and how to get off it’. You have a thirst for adventure, dirty hards and laughs by the thousands. You come home with a million memories and only a few photos.

You chose…Riding quad bikes with Karlie Kloss in Jordan

Instagram @karliekloss

Key look to pack

Assembly Label high waist jean, $100, SHOP NOW
Burberry ’Pilot’ sunglasses, $319.95 from Sunglass Hut, SHOP NOW
Spring Court trainers, $125 from The Iconic, SHOP NOW

Adventure three

Your love for irony knows no bounds. You raid your dad’s old band tee collection and listen to Roxette on a Walkman. But while you’re all about what used-to-be, you’re also about what’s next. You’re zeitgeist influence is unstoppable. You go to places that no one visits, then everyone visits. Your destinations are unexpected, fascinating and uber cool. Just like you.

You chose…the bright lights of Seoul with Bella Hadid

Instagram @BellaHadid

Key look to pack

Misbhv men’s hoodie, $207 from FarFetch, SHOP NOW
Missguided mini skirt, $36, SHOP NOW
Mojo beanie, $24.95 from The Iconic, SHOP NOW

Adventure Four

This is YOUR year. This is YOUR time. Damn it if you’re not going to book the best resort on the most amazing beach and wear your cutest tropical look. You’ve worked hard for 12 months, saving pennies and Pinteresting this getaway. You want to put your bags down, feel the sand on your feet and live between the pool and ocean for the next two weeks. You’ve prepped your boyfriend on how to take the best beach pics and your tan is marinating as we speak.

You chose…an idyllic island with Vanessa Hudgens

Instagram @vanessahudgens

Key look to pack

Bound By Bond-Eye swimsuit, $150 from The Iconic, SHOP NOW
Jennifer Behr headband, $425 from My Net-a-porter, SHOP NOW
Lele Sadoughi earrings, $268 from Shopbop, SHOP NOW

Adventure five

For the past 7 months you’ve been growing a tiny human while simultaneously working and raising two other humans. You need to get away before everything turns to nappies, night wakes and leaky boobs again. You’ve endured the pelvic pain, the nausea, the weird sore ankles, the lack of wine and the weak coffee so you deserve a spot in the sun for a minute or two. So you can actually talk to your partner , maybe sleep a full night and eat your body weight in pappa al pomodoro.

You chose…babymooning with Kate Hudson in Tuscany

Instagram @KateHudson

Key look to pack

H&M maternity blouse, $44.99, SHOP NOW
Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, $730 from Sunglass Hut, SHOP NOW
St Agni ‘Paris’ mule, $259, SHOP NOW

Adventure six

Your career is at an all-time high right now so taking off overseas for a few weeks is just not an option. But you still need a break. You pull up and slide the price scale a little further to the right. You book the big house on the beach down the coast and pack the car with the kids, the husband, the sundresses, the novel you’ve been trying to finish and enough rosè to last you five days. Your friends rent the house next door and life is good.

You chose…a vino or ten in Martha’s Vineyard with Reese Witherspoon

Instagram @ReeseWitherspoon

Key look to pack

Xirena ‘Tenley’ dress, $398 from Shopbop, SHOP NOW
Sunday Somewhere ‘Poppy’ sunglasses, SHOP NOW
Cult Gaia ‘Arc’ bag, $278, SHOP NOW

Adventure seven

You’re in the market for a life-changing adventure. You want to wake up somewhere out of the ordinary and your comfort zone. You want to dim the time-consuming wifi, queues, shopping and traffic that so often swallow your holidays. You want to be amazed and humbled and come back a new person. You want board the plane with just a backpack, an SLR and buzzing excitement.

You chose…a remote African safari with Ellen and Portia

Instagram @PortiaDeRossi

Key look to pack

Assembly Label ‘Xander’ shirt, $90, SHOP NOW
Sarah J Curtis panama hat, $595, SHOP NOW
Saint Lauren twill straight leg pants, $1830 from Net-a-porter, SHOP NOW

Adventure Eight

This year you’ve done some killer fashion shopping. You’ve got a wardrobe full of great pieces that would look sensational on the streets of a chic city. You’ve daydreamed about the smart casual ensembles you can wear to lunch, the cute flirty outfits for dinner and the beachside looks that only ever suit destination days. You want to peruse the local crafts too and bring back oh-so-covetable pieces that you’ll forever remember being part of this amazing trip.

You chose…ruling the chic streets of Spain with Gabrielle Union

Instagram @GabrielleUnion

Key look to pack

Acler ‘Laila’ dress, $320, SHOP NOW
Nike Air Max 90, $160 from Stylerunner, SHOP NOW
Elle & James ‘Marti’ bag, $65, SHOP NOW