She’s already ticked off trainers, denim heels and even a range of posh socks as design team-ups this year, but it’s been a case of eyes upward for capsule collection queen Rihanna’s latest fashion collaboration.

The singer has helped create a tight range of Star Trek-inspired sunglasses that’s set to be Dior’s hero style for the next six months. The mirrored wraparound style with metallic detailing comes in five tones – pink, blue, green, red and silver – but in typical pop goddess style, the hero piece in this collection is a limited edition 24-karat gold-plated version. That’s the one music video stylists will be clamouring for (and Beyonce probably owns already, TBH).

Rihanna’s sunglass design collaboration with Dior
Credit: Jean-Baptiste Mondino courtesy

Rihanna who’s been teasing the shades on her social media lately, is the first Dior brand ambassador in the house’s history to be asked to chip in on the design process as well, an honour not bestowed on the likes of Charlize Theron or Jennifer Lawrence.


According to Christian Dior’s Australian office, there will be only be one of the gold version imported for sale in Australia at a cost of $2600. Cue style industry versus fashion blogger stampede.

And while there’s more chance of you getting hold of a coloured pair, even those are in relatively short supply, with a mere 20 total (four of each tone) coming to our local market at a cost of $1150 each.

Rihanna’s sunglass design collaboration with Dior
Credit: Jean-Baptiste Mondino courtesy

The exact date the range drops globally isn’t locked in, it’s most likely to be the start of June (yes, less than two weeks) for us here in Oz, with the different colours released in waves between now and December.

Not based in Melbourne or Sydney? Could be time to plan a trip given the Rihanna range will only be on sale in the flagship store in each city. Race you to the front of the queue.

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Cover and main images: Rihanna by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, courtesy