Sifting through a pile of tarnished, oxidised and discoloured jewellery recently, I had a fashionable epiphany: for all the costume jewellery I’d purchased over the years (which for the record, was not cheap), I could have bought a few beautiful investment pieces that I would still be wearing to this day, rather than a hoarded stack destined for the bin. Had I had my time over, it would be out with the nickel-charged costume jewels and in with the classic, well-crafted pieces; an ethos which has only really resonated in my older, wiser age but one I am now fastidiously abiding by.

So when purchasing jewellery, either for myself or as a gift, I’ve now realised that timelessness – not trend – is key. With this in mind, Chaumet’s new Bee My Love collection has captured my attention (and fondness for gloriously shiny things). The jeweller to Napoléon and Joséphine, Chaumet reinterprets the imperial emblem of the bee with unexpected modernity in Bee My Love, a collection of pendants and earrings, rings and beautiful bracelets that pay homage to the royal bee. The iconic honeycomb motif is explored through geometry and gold with pieces to not only covet, but collect; keepsakes to invest in for both the now and the future. They’re not only classic pieces but possess exceptional wearability, to be worn alone as a subtle statement or mixed and matched according to your style sensibilities.

Take the Bee My Love Bracelet; a shining example of a forever piece that remains wholly modern (and a touch playful). Cut in white, yellow or rose gold, plain or set with diamonds in every other hexagonal cell, Bee my Love bracelets promise limitless potential; a refined solo piece or stackable to your heart’s desire – one, two, five! – they are delicate enough to be piled on with unbridled glee yet still graphic enough to make a bold declaration. In the world of jewellery, the bracelet has long been symbol of belonging since time immemorial; an identity object with which we celebrate our happiest moments. It is also a universal lucky charm, a cherished protective talisman be enjoyed, always – and always you will with these timeless bangles.

As for the honeycomb-inspired rings, well, they are as delicious as they sound. Beautifully-hued stones are buzzed over by gold and diamond bees, where the signature of the collection, the geometric honeycomb motif, is revealed in a new light. Other surprises include pendants and earrings, which focus on flexibility with necklaces of both the pendant and short varieties, designed to be intermingled with the iconic rings and bracelets for a moment of pure Chaumet magic.

So before you dip your fingers into fleeting trends, consider thoughtful craftsmanship that lasts. Delicate, dainty and beautifully wearable; bee mine, Chaumet – for now and forever.