The Dior [R]evolution is upon us. Using predictive medicine, you can now control ageing with Dior’s Capture Youth Skincare Regime. A regime for the beauty ages; this bespoke, mix ‘n’ match regimen combines an ultra-prevention crème and five complementary serums that delay any visible signs of ageing.

The mantra: don’t wait until it’s too late, anticipate ageing – don’t react. You’re the revolutionary here, not the reactionary.

Start with your base – the Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Crème. Then build with a Capture Youth serum that matches your skin type and aging concern. A shot of glow to offset dullness, perhaps? Or a dose of plumpness to preserve your bounce? Or why not both? Either layer before your Crème, mix two to three drops directly into the Crème, or, for those in need of an intensive treatment, apply straight onto skin for 30 days to remedy for particularly stressed skin (think fatigue, change of seasons and repeated irritation). Pro-active, 100% customised control for skin that is more resilient every day, and that stays looking young – for longer.

The call to arms? Take action now. Conscript the Capture Youth cream and enlist a serum (or two). Now, choose your side wisely, and go forth with no regrets – your time is now.

The Base
It all begins here. Stop the clock with this ultra-fine cream. Boasting the highest concentration of antioxidant Iris Florentina and a botanical mesh that stimulates the epidermis’s internal resistance process – this is your ticket to instantly smoothed and nourished skin. Your skin will be at its optimal best – just how it should be.

Dior Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Crème, $162. SHOP NOW

The Glow Gang
Dull, flat, lacklustre skin? Enter the Glow Booster. With Murunga Plum – 100 times more concentrated in vitamin C than oranges – and AHA1, this anti-fatigue weapon will restore radiance and fight textural irregularities for a visible and tangible skin transformation.

Dior Capture Youth Glow Booster, $162. SHOP NOW

The Plumping Platoon
It’s no secret that hyaluronic acid fills wrinkles, but the Plump Filler boasts three different weights of botanical hyaluronic acid molecules to really rehydrate deep within and restore the skin’s fullness. The first hydration concentrate for plump, supple skin and boosted elasticity; this serum is the perfect plumping antidote to sagging skin and environmental stressors (dryness, sun).

Dior Capture Youth plump filler Booster, $162. SHOP NOW

The Mattifying Cadre
For a shine-free guise, turn to the Matte Maximizer. A clever and crafty combination of lactic acid, pink clay and zinc gluconate regulates sebum production deep down, which controls excess shine and refines the skin’s texture. A soft focus for your skin; pores will be minimised, imperfections blurred, and most importantly, skin will be matte.

Dior Capture Youth matte MAXIMIzER Booster, $162. SHOP NOW

The Lifting Patrol
Workout your face, with the Lift Sculptor. Contour facial features and whip slackening skin into shape. A blend of natural polyphenols from green and white tea work together in a fast-penetrating texture to combat lack of skin tone and elasticity.

Dior Capture Youth lift sculptor Booster, $162. SHOP NOW

The Soothing Squadron
Like wrapping your face in cotton wool, the Redness Soother will calm any agitated skin. Cotton peptides work to actively soothe and protect, and instantly, the skin feels more comfortable. Redness is visibly reduced, and your complexion is unified once more. The ideal anti-aggressor shield, it mollifies and relieves skin that is both irritated and sensitised.

Dior Capture Youth matte MAXIMIzER Booster, $162. SHOP NOW

Beauties, gather your Dior troops and fight ageing – head on.