Picture: Instagram

Kimmy K is obsessed with lots of things. 

Her own makeup line, her Skims shapewear, Carolina Lemke sunglasses, herself…one obsession we can really get behind though, is the love she feels for her children, and she’s shared some particularly adorable snaps of baby Psalm playing with his cousin True and aunty Khloe. 

Psalm is a bona fide cutie, especially when he giggles and smiles, so we’re all for any and all related content Kim wants to share, any time at all. 

Most of the time, lately, however, Kim’s feed has been flooded with Skims — she’s just launched the Cottons collection along with a series of promo shots, mainly of Kim looking fab. 

There’s a comfy-looking grey cotton bra, rib tees and thermal leggings, tanks, man-style undies, ribbed boxers, sculpted hi-waist briefs and thongs, t-shirt bras and bodysuits. The shapewear is available in a variety of skin tones as well as cool shades of lavender and mint green. 

Kim appears to be taking her cues from Rihanna, perhaps, in terms of the wide range of skin tones available — Rihanna was lauded for creating a landmark 50 shades of foundation when she launched Fenty — and along with modelling her shapewear on her own glamourous self, she’s also shown some more everyday gals of various shapes and sizes in her gear, as Rihanna has done with Savage x Fenty since the beginning. 

The Skims price points are accessible too — from $USD18 for a thong to $USD80 for a one-piece sculpting bodysuit. 

Back to the babies, though.

Here are some adorable baptism snaps. 

And here’s Psalm laughing, again, because it’s the cutest. 

And here’s Kim with Chicago and Saint, and they’re super sweet, but we wish Kimmy would look at them more than she does at the camera. 

Ok, last one.

He really, truly is.