Call amicable exes what you will – a facade, fake, unnecessary – but it seems Australian model Miranda Kerr and ex-husband British actor Orlando Bloom are nailing the whole co-parenting thing. And in a move that surely rivals fellow star co-parents and Beverly Hills residents Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, Kerr is actually very friendly with Bloom’s girlfriend, American popstar Katy Perry.

Kerr, 35, waited in her car outside Barton G restaurant in West Hollywood this week while Bloom and her son, Flynn, celebrated Perry’s birthday inside. When the time came for Flynn, 7, to jump into Kerr’s new Aston Martin, Perry, 34, gushed at the mobile. “What even is this?” the popstar can be heard saying before telling Flynn she loves him and will see him on Saturday.

Kerr then handed Perry two gift bags and a huge bunch of flowers. Cheeky Bloom, 41, breaks into a raucous laughter. “Oh, it’s Kora!” he says referring to Kerr’s own skincare range. Still, a lovely gesture from an ex-wife who isn’t obligated to gift her ex-partner’s new partner anything. It does create a really loving environment for little Flynn though.

Kerr and Bloom split in October 2013 and have remained close friends. Perry and Boom have been on-again-off-again for a couple of years but seem to have gotten more serious in recent months. Kerr is married to SnapChat founder and billionaire Evan Spiegel. The couple share a son, Hart, together.

Watch the surprisingly non-awkward exchange between Perry and Kerr below.