It’s what we’ve come to expect from photographer, creative director, fashion icon and GRAZIA contributor Margaret Zhang: beautiful images with a cool-but-cerebral twist.

The New York-based Australia’s latest project for global jewellery giant Tiffany & Co. called Just a Moment not only comprises a set of campaign images and a short film but gave her seven fresh-faced models-on-the-rise the chance to flaunt their acting prowess as well.

“This project was conceptualised as an elevated visual exploration of the in-between moments of our lives – between speaking and listening, greeting and conversation, thought and action, one breath and the next – covering a full spectrum of human emotion,” social media sensation Zhang offered when GRAZIA asked her of the shoot’s unique concept.

Lauren Arrow wears Tiffany & Co.

“We wanted to work with girls who had the energy, personality and depth enough to convey these moments of life with real authenticity,” she said of models Rosie Coppini, Sydney Davis, Lauren Arrow, Sameerah Hopman, Marlo Hsieh, Kyra Tavernier and Canran Yang.

“I think jewellery can always be the emotional accent to an outfit, whether you’re adding something extra to brighten up an otherwise sad or tricky day, or you want to feel put-together and confident for a meeting or interview,” says the 24-year-old creative of her latest high-brow film offering.


“In the same way we honed in on real, authentic moments of emotion and expression [in this shoot], we wanted the styling here to be natural and true-to-life. The focus was on how these super wearable pieces could be integrated into your everyday life and a part of these experiences, not something too extra or forced. “

As an extra twist, the hand-picked shoot talent only had little more than their expressions to showcase their acting skills. “Acknowledging that beautifully-captured moments in time can express so much more than words, the film features no dialogue, rather gives a sense of what might have just happened, or is about to happen, in each moment.”

Rosie Coppini wears Tiffany & Co.

ZHANG on ROSIE COPPINI: “We’d worked with Rosie on another shoot over a year ago, and she is so naturally expressive we keep telling her how successful she’d be as an actress. So she was a perfect fit for this piece that is centred on emotional expression.”

Sameerah Hosman wears Tiffany & Co.

ZHANG on SAMEERAH HOPMAN: “Our youngest talent, Sameerah, was someone we’d been wanting to shoot with for a while – she has such beautiful bone structure and is so sweet and responsive to direction.”

Sydney David wears Tiffany & Co.

ZHANG on SYDNEY DAVID: “Sydney was all laughs on set and great fun, she has such big stunning eyes, similarly Lauren’s eyes are this captivating blue that we loved.”

ZHANG on MARLO HSIEH, KYRA TAVERNIER and CANRAN YANG: “One of my favourite shots is Marlo and Kyra’s hair twin curl moment, and Canran’s killer poise and subtlety brought some real depth to the whole piece.”