Why should blondes have all the ombre fun? The tortoiseshell colour technique works by painting golden honey, sparkling caramel and rich chestnut shades next to one another to add a warm depth and shimmery dimension to a brunette base. Natalie-Anne from SCHWARZKOPF explains how to create the look.

Video credit: E. Michael Wolf 

Step One Divide hair into four sections and clip away
Step Two Take a 2cm ribbon of hair out of this section, and clip the rest out of the way.
Natalie-Anne’s pro TIP Use a tail comb and slice sections on an angle to avoid harsh lines later on
Step Three
 Tease the hair from mid-length to root. This will create a softer line of application and reduce demarcation lines
Step Four Apply your first brunette colour choice, such as SCHWARZKOPF BLONDE ULTÎME 8-0, MEDIUM BLONDE, from mid-length to end
STEP FIVE Now slice out another 2cm ribbon of hair from above the first
Step Six 
Tease the hair from mid-length to root
Step Seven Apply your second brunette colour choice, such as SCHWARZKOPF BRILLIANCE INTENSIVE-COLOR-CREAM FASHION LIGHTS, 912 SUNKISSED BLOND, from mid-length to end
Step Eight Repeat steps 2 to 7, alternating colours towards crown
Step Nine
Now take your next quarter of hair and repeat steps 2 to 7, alternating brunette colours to create the tortoiseshell effect
Step Ten
When you reach the front, section off a triangle of hair at the forehead and clip it out of the way
Step Eleven
Continue the same process as before on the remaining hair, teasing and alternating colours until complete
Step twelve
Now you have the front triangle remaining. Release it, tease it and weave it out using a tail comb
Step thirteen
Smudge colour through for a natural, sun-kissed finish
Step fourteen
Wait and watch for the colour to develop
Step fifteen
Rinse, condition and then style as usual

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MOTION: E. Michael Wolf  (SHOOT)

TALENT:  Lilli Bron

HAIR: Natalie Anne for SCHWARZKOPF

MAKEUP: Elsa Morgan