While critics have hailed Margot Robbie as the MVP of Suicide Squad, we’ve named her hair the MVP of the film’s press tour. Braids, waves, half-up – her hairstyle repertoire was on-point throughout the tour. Our favourite? The loose, effortless plait she wore to the London premier. Soft and romantic, it reminded us of the plaits worn previously by co-star Cara Delevingne and at Chanel’s Spring 2015 couture show. Brad Ngata for SCHWARZKOPF says the secret to nailing this loose look is all in the prep with a few nimble hot tool moves and the right cocktail of products to create hold without the stiffness. Watch how he recreates the look now, to master Margot’s look by the weekend. 

Video credit: E. Michael Wolf 

Step One Find a natural centre parting
Brad’s Pro Tip This look is all about looking laid-back and relaxed, so rather than using a comb to create a part, use your hands
Step Two Apply a heat protectant, such as SCHWARZKOPF EXTRA CARE, HEIDI’S HEAT STYLES PROTECTION SPRAY all over hair
Step Three Blow-dry the product in using a paddle brush
Step Four Divide your hair from ear to hear and clip away
Step Five Next, take a 5cm section from along the nape of your neck and clip the rest away
Step Six Wipe over the section of hair once with a straightening iron to smooth
Brad’s Pro Tip Running over the hair first with the straightener will create a smooth base for your waves later on
Step Seven Now go back in with the straightener, this time rolling your wrist back and forth to create gentle bends in the hair
Brad’s Pro Tip Leave the ends out and keep them straight for a more natural look
Step Eight Repeat steps 5 to 7 throughout the rest of the hair, smoothing first and rolling your wrist next to create natural bends
Step Nine Apply sea salt spray all over for texture, such as SCHWARZKOPF, STYLISTE ULTÎME SEA SALT BEACH LOOK TEXTURE SPRAY
Step ten Sprinkle some volumising powder throughout the lengths for hold and malleability. Try SCHWARZKOPF EXTRA CARE, INSTANT VOLUME POWDER
Step eleven Create a three-strand plait low at the shoulder blades
Brad’s Pro Tip Shape the hair around the face so it settles softly on your shoulders, and then pull the plait apart for a softer, more ethereal look
Step twelve Finish with a high hold hairspray such as SCHWARZKOPF EXTRA CARE, STRONG STYLING HAIRSPRAY
Brad’s Pro Tip Margot’s plait lit up the red carpet, so finish with a light misting of dry oil spray for a boost of shine. I love SCHWARZKOPF EXTRA CARE, DRY OIL MIST

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MOTION: E. Michael Wolf  (SHOOT)



MAKEUP: Elsa Morgan