We’re calling it – the half-up ponytail is set to this season’s ‘Hun’ (aka: the half-up bun) and the one day-to-night style you’ll be living in from spring through to summer. Coveted by Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Tiegan – there’s a trick to taking the half-up ponytail away from playground vibes, and it comes down to the prep. Celebrity hairstylist, Brad Ngata for SCHWARZKOPF shows you how to give this everyday style the IT-girl treatment.

Video credit: E. Michael Wolf 

Step One Apply a heat protecting mousse throughout damp hair from lengths to ends, such as SCHWARZKOPF Extra Care, Heidi’s Heat Styles Mousse
Brad’s Pro Tips Apply a 50-cent dollop of mousse to 10cm wide sections to ensure an even distribution of product. Also, take it right to the roots around the face and crown to create the foundation of volume and texture that this style needs
Step Two Use a paddle brush to blow-dry the hair dry and away from the face
Step Three Once completely dry, divide the hair from ear to ear and section the top half away
Step Four Starting at the nape of the neck, take a 10cm section and split it into three ribbons of hair
Brad’s Pro Tip Hold your curling tong at a 45-degree angle for an imperfect wave
Step Five Wrap hair around a curling tong, leaving the ends out for a natural look. Continue this curling process throughout the rest of your hair and leave curls to cool
Brad’s Pro Tip Run the tong up and down the length of the hair as you curl it, this will stretch it out and soften it into the bends for a more relaxed look
Step Six Once curling is complete, mist the front section with hairspray to smooth and create hold, such as SCHWARZKOPF Extra Care, Body & Texture Hairspray
Brad’s Pro Tip Alternate your direction of curl for a looser look
Step Seven Use a paddle brush to gather the hair away from the face and towards the crown of the head
Brad’s pro tip The brush will help keep the tension in the finished look and sooth any bumps beneath the surface
Step Eight Secure with an elastic or hair bungee at the crown of your head
Brad’s Pro Tip Take a small strip of hair and wrap it around the elastic to hide it
Step Nine Sprinkle through some texturising powder throughout the bottom half of the hair, such as SCHWARZKOPF Extra Care, Instant Volume Powder
Brad’s Pro Tip I love creating a dual texture to this look – smoother along the crown, but soft and voluminous at the bottom. To take it up a notch even further and elevate those waves, backcomb the bottom half gently
Step ten Smooth the crown and boost shine with a dry oil spray, such as SCHWARZKOPF Extra Care, Dry Oil Mist Smooth & Shine

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MOTION: E. Michael Wolf  (SHOOT)

TALENT:  Abbie Heath/ IMG


MAKEUP: Elsa Morgan