Emily Ratajkowski added a new collection to her swimwear and bodywear line Inamorata on Tuesday and marked the milestone by posting a series of provocative photos to Instagram. In a new interview with Kourtney Kardashian’s content platform Poosh.com the model, 27, talks to the reality star, 40, about the ridiculous perceptions she receives from her posts.

‘[When I post bikini pictures on Instagram] the initial reaction is, ‘Oh my god, naked again’ or ‘She’s so stupid’ and ‘Do you have nothing else to offer?’ But actually, I’m running a business out of this. It’s about personal branding,” she told Kardashian. “I love the idea of white, older men in suits saying they don’t take me seriously [in business] while I make more money than them.”

“That’s how I think of fashion and beauty in general,” she continued. “Ultimately, if it makes you feel a little bit better about yourself then that’s going to carry with you in whatever you’re doing.”

Watch the seven-minute conversation now.