Once upon a time, in a decade, long, long ago (OK, the early Naughties), there lived a subset of cyber clubbing devotees in Britain known affectionately as Crasher kids. Clad in moon boots, glow-sticks, quirky coloured hair and bizarre space metallic PVC clothes, they poured into outdoor festivals and superclubs like Gatecrasher (hence their name) to dance to hard house and trance under laser lights all night.

Forty-one-year-old designer Jeremy Scott might have grown up half a world away in Kansas, Missouri, but chances are he channeled a little Crasher kid into his Autumn/Winter 2018 collection of men’s and womenswear. Either that or he’s vying for a Costume Director credit on the rumoured remake of The Fifth Element. Either way, this collection was as theatrical, ridiculous, garish and star-model filled as those of his past four seasons.

Jeremy Scott, Fashion Show, Ready To Wear Collection Fall Winter 2018 in New York

Gigi Hadid opened the show – just as she did for his Spring/Summer 2016 showcase – in a sharp bobbed pink wig that’s set to spark a sea of copycats over the next six months. What followed was exit after exit mostly in Scott’s preferred colour palette – neon – with enough much (we hope) faux fur, velour and plastic to remind us that this was a winter collection, despite the comedic patches of bare skin.

Sure, most of the collection is barely wearable to the average person (aside from that Care Bear jumper: give it to us immediately), that was hardly the point.

Jeremy Scott has built his persona around cartoon-like garishness and childish games. More importantly, this eponymous collection allows him space to get the most outrageous ideas out of his system, leaving him able to work more commercial wackiness into his ranges for Moschino. And don’t we all love him for it?

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