Credit Instagram: @MissWen

With over six million subscribers on YouTube and 675K Instagram followers, Wendy “Wengie” Huang is easily Australia’s most successful beauty vlogger. So successful in fact that she’s also the country’s second biggest YouTube star across all categories – even beating out Iggy Azalea’s music channel. 

But while beauty bloggers are renowned for being a little heavier handed with the makeup brush, Wengie thinks this year we’re going to see this move towards a slightly more pared down look. Chatting exclusively to Grazia, Wengie reveals: “I think the Instagram-inspired look will still be very much ‘in’, especially with the makeup-obsessed crowd, but I feel like it’s going to be a more toned down version that will look softer and more natural. 

Credit Instagram: @MissWen

“There will be less drastic contouring with cream formulas and more ‘draping’ (the blush contour technique), as well as more natural looking soft brows – but still with the signature arch. Plump lips will also stay, but this year it won’t be using the super matte formulas in beige or brown nudes; more rosy or peachy colours with a slight glossy finish will be popular.”

She continues: “2017 will be the year where we start to recognise beauty comes just as much from within as it does from products applied on the face. I see a huge move into healthier lifestyles and women being aware of what goes into their bodies such as consuming less sugar and also upping the antioxidants and cutting down on processed foods.”

Credit Instagram: @MissWen