As most of us continue to #WFH in this unprecedented global crisis, there are a few things getting us through it. First, there’s wine – and a lot of it. Then, there’s food – also a lot of that. Then, there’s the memes (our comprehensive round-up is coming soon). There’s also unyielding friendship, solidarity and solace in knowing we’re all in this together.

But another thing getting us through the long and often tedious days at home, are the countless images of celebrities reacting to self-isolation. While most are infuriatingly sybaritic, this picture of Victoria Beckham, or rather Posh Spice, is anything but. In fact, it’s glorious.

To announce that her Victoria Beckham fashion team is all working from home (and spruik some much-needed positivity at the same time), Beckham posted a hilarious picture of herself during the Spice Girls days (sigh) at a very, very old computer, er, working very hard.

“#TeamVB is WFH. And for those of us with kids we are also all working around a classroom schedule 🥴 Keep smiling! For as long as this is our new normal we will make it positive x (All technology accepted!!!!!) xxxx VB.”

Antique technology aside, we’re very much into Posh Spice’s ’90s “office” get-up: tight black shirt, black mini skirt and cute black headband – very posh indeed.

And while most of us #WFH in trackies and top-knots, should the day come when a little “home office” dress-up is in order, we’ll be giving this ’90s 9-5 outfit a spin (especially that headband). Spice up your (#WFH) life, indeed.