The Victoria’s Secret makeup modus operandi always reads as follows: bold, beautiful, bombshell. It’s a beauty look which has forever anchored the show; one of bronzed skin, big lips and a lot of shimmer.

Here, Charlotte Tilbury, the official makeup darling of this year’s spectacle, teaches us how to speak va-va-voom like a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Wings (and Lip Cheat) at the ready.

#1 A killer contour and ethereal glow
Charlotte wanted every Angel to have a natural contour and ethereal glow under the bright lights of the runway. To sculpt the face, she used her Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette; carving killer cheekbones and adding warmth to the complexion with the bronze tones. But no Angel is compete without her glow. For the ultimate celestial candlelight glow, she used Charlotte’s ‘Diva Light’ Hollywood Beauty Light Wand. The rose-gold highlighter ramped up the shimmer stakes with a soft-focussed glow on the cheekbones that refracts with light beautifully. To finish the complexion, a dusting of her Airbrush Flawless Finish powder onto the T-zone area, which blurred any lines and imperfections by creating a soft, micro-fine cashmere veil to the complexion.

#2 the ultimate natural supermodel brow
For Angel-worthy arches, Charlotte brushed up the brow using her magical Brow Lift tool to reveal their natural shape. She then used the soft pencil to fill in any gaps with upward strokes, and then a slick of the Victoria’s Secret Brow Or Never Clear Eyebrow Gel to keep those arches in place.

#3 Supermodel exagger-eyes
Turnaround, bright eyes: big, glamorous eyes are key to any Victoria’s Secret Angel. To start, Charlotte curled the eyelashes with her Life-Changing Lashes curler to ensure big, open lashes. Then for the ultimate supermodel eye, she brought back a classic: her sell-out sensation Exagger-Eyes Luxury Palette (hooray!). The star palette makes the eyes appear bigger and brighter just like an Instagram filter but IRL. Using a blender brush, Charlotte washed the ‘Enhance’ shade forwards and backwards across the eyelid like a windscreen wiper. The Smoke shade was then used along the lash line to add definition.

To enhance the Angel eye look, Charlotte used her favourite Eyes to Mesmerise in Rose Gold. Using a smudger brush, she applied the metallic rose gold shade underneath the lower lash line to make the eyes naturally pop. Then to elongate and create that seductive, sexy, lifted shape, Charlotte lined the eyes with an Angel Wing using her chocolatey powder pencil eyeliner in The Sofia. For extra richness and depth, she applied her Colour Chameleon pencil in Amber Haze along the lash line.

And to complete the look, lashings of Victoria’s Secret Major Lashes Full Volume Mascara gave a dreamy Angel flutter in seconds.

#4 A pillowy, supermodel pout
To be able to peace and pout like a pro – the iconic gesture of every Angel – big, pillowy lips are a must. To begin, Charlotte started by reshaping the lips with her iconic Lip Cheat lip liner in Pillow Talk (a GRAZIA Beauty Ed obsession). She then applied Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream in Showstopper; a luscious pink matte that makes the lips look instantly fuller and wider. And lastly, a swoop of her Collagen Lip Bath on top, a dewy gloss that left lips positively plump and juicy (and very VS).

#5 an ethereal Blush-bronze
For an extra hit of bronze (it’s seemingly never enough when it comes to Victoria’s Secret), Charlotte applied a combination of blush and bronze Beachsticks in Las Salinas and Ibiza. Buffing in the soft, dreamy makeup sticks, it was like the Angels had been kissed by the sun.

#6 a head-to-toe glow
And of course, no Angel is complete without gloriously glossy limbs. As the finishing touch to this year’s look, Charlotte smoothed her sparkly Supermodel Body on the long, lithe limbs of the models. The shiny, all-over body highlighter was applied down the centre of legs and arms using the cooling roll applicator, it makes the skin look and feel firmer, toned and supple, so everyone can strut with the confidence of an Angel – wings or not.