When you’re an Angel, heavenly skin comes naturally to you. But according to Charlotte Tilbury, the official makeup director of the Victoria’s Secret show 2018, there’s actually a little more to the otherworldly Angel guise than good genes and clean eating.

She used a range of makeup from her eponymous line as “an angelic filter to enhance what nature naturally blessed you with and to make you look and feel like a beautiful, celestial angel…A look that lights up the runway and casts a magic makeup spell on the world!!”

Come December 2, a magic spell will indeed be cast on the world. But ahead of the show, GRAZIA went backstage in New York City to see what the Angel skincare routine really looked like.

So what is the secret to flawless, sent-from-the-heavens skin?

“The skin is all about enhanced goddess skin, it’s natural and flawless at its best,” says Tilbury, as she prepped it with her Magic Skincare Trio for a healthy, lit-from-within glow. First, she used her secret to supermodel skin, the Instant Magic Dry Sheet Facial Mask, for a glowing radiant-looking complexion. A mask loaded with genius ingredients including vitamin B3, crocus bulb extract, peptides, oils and butters penetrate deep into the skin providing nourishing nutrients where skin needs it most.

Then, she applied her award-winning (and GRAZIA office fave) Charlotte’s Magic Cream. An instant turnaround cream for the complexion (read: a wake-up call in a jar), it floods the skin with moisture and provides the most beautiful, glowing base for makeup. Charlotte’s secret to the ultimate runway glow, it was applied to model’s skin using Charlotte’s famous Angel Wing Motion Magic Skin Massage to wake up the complexion.

Next, Charlotte gently tapped her Magic Eye Rescue to revitalise the eye area. The time-released retinol molecules in the formula resurface the delicate skin around the eye to help the eyes appear younger and keep the Angels bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Then, it was all about the base. Charlotte applied her ultimate glow primer, Wonderglow; full of plumping Hyaluronic Acid (v. important), the primer has a genius fluorescent core that redirects light to more flattering angles of the face (also v. important).

Next, Charlotte buffed in her Light Wonder Foundation for a second-skin effect (but better, of course). Using a shade which was slightly warmer than their natural skin tone, this ensured a healthy, sun-kissed glow – integral to the classic bronzed beauty look of the brand.

For any areas which needed a little extra coverage, Charlotte applied her cult Magic Away Concealer to conceal any redness or blemishes, brighten darkness, smooth fine lines and hide the appearance of pores – particularly good for Angels who have had early call times (or a big night).

Lastly, she applied her Hollywood Flawless Filter, a mutli-purpose product worthy of Angel status. With the versatility of a primer, the mega-watt glow of a highlighter, and the perfecting properties of your favourite digital filter (think Facetune but in makeup form), it soft-focused and instantly illuminated the Angels complexions.

Acing your base like an Angel has never been so easy. Now where are those wings?