Sunny, happy and healthy are three words that easily apply to blonde and bubbly Victoria’s Secret Angels, and today 21st birthday girl, Romee Strijd. Ed Razek, Victoria’s Secret Chief Marketing Officer, sees it too, saying at her first casting for the annual fashion show, “I’ve never seen a picture of her where she wasn’t smiling…She has the best smile!” 

In the years since then, Strijd has steadily become a street-style icon, workout guru and green juice connoisseur – displaying her champion model-off-duty efforts on Instagram. From her pre-fashion-show sweat sessions, to her Soho matcha tea hits, here are 21 beauty and health Romee-approved Insta-tips to inspire you out of any potential of winter slump. Happy 21st birthday Romee!

Hidden sugars are lurking in your daily, double caramel latte. Make like Romee and opt for black coffee every other cup
1cant breakup with coffee
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Winter mornings make morning gym sessions a serious struggle, but getting a workout buddy (or two) will help you commit
2 workout buddie
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Never underestimate the instant-minx effect of a classic cat’s eye
3 Eyeliner
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Can’t shake your jet lag? A detoxifying, lemon and ginger iced tea (sans sugar) will jolt you into the right timezone 
4 iced lemon tea is a detoxing jetlag
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Braids will instantly elevate any brunch ensemble
5 Braids at brunch
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

When in doubt, pick the greenest thing on the menu
Screen Shot 20160720 at 73749 AM
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Always wear your hair down? Slick it up this Saturday night for added impact
7 if you always wear your hair out wear it up
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

If you’re going to have a cheat day, cheat with cake
8 cheat days cake
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Boxing makes the best cardio (personalised gloves, optional) 
9 just train exyra hard afterwards
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Post work-out? Add a boiled egg to your breakfast for an extra hit of protein
10 protein at breakfast
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

And remember, always make time for a post-work-out progress pic
11 Always make time for a post workour pose
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Heading to Splendour? Temporary pink tips make for the chicest festival hair option
12 experiemnt with pink hair
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Can’t handle green juices? A squeeze of lemon juice will cut through the grassiness 
13 cant handle green juice add lemon
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Variety is the secret to a successful work-out regimen. Change it up with a spot of golf with the squad this weekend
14 Switch our your regular exercise
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Planning a mini-break? Bircher makes for the ultimate healthy travelling breakfast, just prep your portions the night before and you’re good to go
15 Bircher is an easy breakfast on the go prep
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

While you’re away remember the odd wine is totally fine
16 The odd glass of wine is fine
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Squat hard and low for better booty results
17 squat hard play hard
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Embrace the occasional pizza party night with your pals
18 pizza nights happen
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Watch that your favourite coconut water doesn’t contain any aded sugars. Always go for 100% raw 
19 switch out water for coconut water
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

There’s always room for your to up your matcha tea potential
20 Up your matcha game with a hot matcha
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Or simply stick to your signature drink
or just stick to coffee
Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Title Image: Instagram @romeestrijd