Image credit: Instagram/victoriabeckham

Victoria Beckham is the beauty gift that keeps on giving. A world away from her former life as a Spice Girl, VB is now a master of all things clean beauty. After a successful stint collaborating with Estée Lauder a few years back, she’s now launched her eponymous line, proving that “celebrity” collections need not be tacky, mass or inauthentic. Throughout the process, VB has become one of the world’s favourite influencers, sharing insights into her skin and makeup routines that more often than not go viral, prompting us to pay attention when she drops yet another beauty pearl of wisdom.

Her latest is a three-part formula for the ultimate party face, comprised of a washed-out grey smoky eye and stained, nudey-pink lips (as seen below). Fortunately, she’s shared the products – her own – so that fans like you and I can play along at home. On eyes, it’s the Victoria Beckham Beauty Smoky Eye Brick in Tuxedo, whereas lips are a combination of the Lip Definer in shade 02, and Bitten Lip Tint layered on top. The resulting look is classically VB – an impactful eye, polished skin and a natural but always defined lip. The fact that it only consists of three key products is the cherry on top. Let’s hope the recommendations keep on coming.

Victoria Beckham Makeup Routine
Image credit: Instagram/victoriabeckhambeauty