In the latest episode of keeping up with Victoria Beckham’s skin, Victoria has changed her skincare routine – again.

Following on from last week’s skin upheaval (and the week before that), Beckham has taken to Instagram to share yet another skincare regime. Making quite the habit of tutorial-like sharing on social, this week’s Instagram Story skin update includes a one-brand wonder, celebrity cult favourite Dr. Barbara Sturm.

“So this week I’m going to be trying this new product which includes two different sorts of vegan vitamin tablets that you take twice a day – so I will let you know, excited!” she says, as the camera pans across a plethora of Dr. Barbara Sturm on her lush marble vanity.

First up, some edibles (which sadly aren’t available in Australia, yet). She advises to “take two capsules daily” of the Dr. Barbara Sturm “Skin Food and Repair Food,” which are skin-loving dietary supplements.

Then, Victoria goes on to exfoliate with the Dr. Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser in her white robe (of course). “What I like about this is how it is a fine grain cleansing powder and it smells super nice and feels really nice when it goes on the skin,” she proceeds as she lathers up the cleanser in her palm.

“And I’m going to use a wash cloth to take it off.” For the record, she loves a little something extra when it comes to her cleanse: “I always use a wash cloth as a little extra exfoliation.” With only her hands visible and not a face in sight, she cheekily self-deprecates saying, “I wont be showing my face because I just got out of the gym and I don’t look too great this morning!”

What will next week bring? Only time will tell. We wait, Victoria.