Donatella Versace just brought Italian glamour to the Big Apple.

Making their New York debut, Versace staged their Pre-Fall 19 runway at the American Stock Exchange, where it was gold rather than dollar bills which filled its vast halls. Anchored in Versace gold (and a lot of it), it was a revival of sorts, as the brand rehashed their icons in a new, contemporary light.

“THAT dress is back,” Versace wrote on Instagram, as Vittoria Ceretti wore an incarnation of Liz Hurley’s famous black Safety Pin dress down the New York runway. While Gigi Hadid’s logo tee was boldly punctuated with larger-than-life Versace pins, stapled gamely around both neckline and hem. Even JLO’s iconic Grammy’s dress in 2000 was reworked, this time in pops of coloured print and worn by another icon, Amber Valetta (who, too, has made quite the resurgence on the runway).

And to celebrate all that gloriously strategic safety pinning, hair, too, was pinned back with opulent gold hair pins. Just like the fashion, beauty riffed on the Versace of old with the Versace hair pin also making a comeback.

The hair of Gigi, Kaia and co. was deeply side-parted, slicked back with gel and pinned just above the ear with heart-shaped hair pins. Ends were ironed flat – a classic beauty trope of the Versace brand – but there was still a little height at the top, too, almost like a ’90s quiff.

And as if Medusa wasn’t snazzy enough, model Grace Elizabeth’s Medusa was dripping in jewels. Pinned to the model’s mighty bouffant (only one of two models without straightened hair), the bedecked mythological head sat suspended amongst a sea of sparkling emerald and lapis.

As opulent hair accessories proved the Midas touch to a collection steeped in glamour, according to Versace’s new breed of pin-up girls, it seems the hair accessory is not going anywhere.