After she was labelled hysterical for taking a passionate stance against the normalisation of gendered discrimination and family violence on Monday night’s episode of Q&A, columnist Van Badham reignited conversation around a vitally important topic in Australia’s public discourse.

But for every instance of #myovariesmademe used to speak out in support of Badham, women’s rights and against the vile cultural attitudes that equate women with being inherently lesser, there have apparently been legion troglodytes targeting their often violent, misogynistic hate speech at Badham, as evinced in the above video shared by the author last night.

“Steve Price didn’t have any answers to a question about how we can prevent the cultural normalisation of violence against women when it was posed to our panel on Q&A,” writes Badham in a Facebook post shared to her page. “He chose instead to talk about his mates, speak over my own attempt to answer and insult me as “hysterical”. Embarrassed by my own comeback, he then spent the next 36 hours trying to deflect criticism of his behaviour through a campaign of attacking me personally on radio and television, claiming to be a victim of an ‘aggressive woman’ – apparently, that’s me! The result? I’ve been subjected to threats of violence. For anyone still not making the links, ‪#‎myovariesmademe‬ make this video. It goes for three minutes, and [content warning] contains some disturbing spoken material.” 

You can and should watch the full video above for an example of what happens when an articulate and empathetic woman speaks out publicly against the violence that is the leading cause of death and disability for women under 45-years-old in Australia.

Tile image: Q&A