Nars Uzo Makeup Looks
NARS Director Global Artistry Uzo

Few products have a history quite so illustrious as NARS Orgasm Blush. For NARS Global Artistry Director Uzo, it’s a product she leans on often, adding its pinky-peach shimmer to the faces of countless models, celebrities and the like. It’s a franchise that’s expanded into lip tints, eyeshadows and illuminators, and just weeks ago it became a second shade: Orgasm X – a deeper, punchier version of the perfectly balanced original. To celebrate the launch into Mecca Cosmetica stores, we sat down with Uzo to discuss the original icon in comparison to the new one, how and why she uses both, and why the beauty industry fell hard and fast for the post-coital hue to begin with (plus, a host of other great makeup pearls).

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Nars Uzo Makeup Looks

GRAZIA: What do you think it is about Orgasm that is so iconic?

Uzo: I think everyone originally knew about it because of its name, but it deservedly earned its iconic status due to its universal appeal. The blush’s pinky-peach hybrid shade is truly flattering on all skin tones because of the unique balance of warm and cool undertones, while the subtle golden shimmer subtly enhances the skin leaving it looking polished and luminous.

GRAZIA: Aside from the cheeks, how do you like to use Orgasm? 

Uzo: There’s a few!

  • To lift and brighten the eye area, I love applying the blush higher up on the face, starting at the brow bone and sweeping the colour around the eye, toward the high points of the cheek bone.
  • To create dramatic contouring effects for lighter skin tones instead of using a traditional bronzing shade
  • As a highlighter for deeper complexions.
  • As an eyeshadow.
  • As a shimmer highlighter for lipstick.


GRAZIA: How is Orgasm X different to Orgasm?

Uzo: Both blushes stick to the winning NARS’ Orgasm signature pairing of cool pink and warm peach combined with beautiful golden shimmer, the only difference is that the warmer undertones in Orgasm X blush were deepened to a warmer coral shade. I love the soft pop of colour that Orgasm Blush can create especially on light to medium complexions but when I crave a little bit more depth, Orgasm X is my new go-to, and I love how it looks on tanned skin and deeper complexions. There are no rules when it comes to great makeup, only great choices. Using both blushes together by sweeping Orgasm X shimmering coral along the cheekbones to create subtle contour and definition, and then layering the soft pinky-peach shade of Orgasm on the apples, is the perfect way to update how you wear Orgasm blush.

GRAZIA: What kind of role do you think makeup is playing in society at the moment?

Uzo: For some, it’s a form of escapism where creativity can be explored by playing and experimenting with new beauty looks and products while spending quality time at home. For others, it’s still a part of their normal routine, where looking pulled-together for work or for virtual conference meetings or appointments on Zoom is a must. I think makeup can be whatever you want it to be. 

GRAZIA: Have you noticed a shift in the way you use makeup yourself?

Uzo: I have definitely scaled back on the use of multiple eye shadows and bold blush opting for a more pared-down look (black liner eye, subtle highlighted cheeks, tinted lip balm). What remains unchanged is my preference for a complexion that looks perfected and polished with foundation, concealer to camouflage any darkness and blemishes, and a quick sweep of bronzer across the forehead and along the cheekbones for additional dimension and finish off the look.

GRAZIA: What three NARS products can you not live without?


  • Radiant Creamy Concealer: this is the ultimate 3-in-1 complexion product. I use this concealer to even out my skin tone (in place of foundation because it’s so lightweight and creamy), brighten darkness underneath my eye area and blur any imperfections on my skin.
  • High Pigment Longwear Eyeliner in Gran Via: I can’t leave the house, or get on a virtual conference meeting without a dark bold eyeliner to give my eyes much needed definition, especially when I wear glasses.
  • Soft Velvet Pressed Powder: this updated formulation is everything. It helps to set my concealer, perfects my complexion and makes it look super-smooth while keeping shine under control.

GRAZIA: Most underrated makeup product?

Uzo: Primer. You can do your makeup without primer, but your makeup really won’t perform optimally without it. 

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