If you’ve always found yourself gravitating back to safe old black swimming costumes for the hue’s camouflage properties, perhaps this will convince you to jump out of your comfort zone.

This summer, thanks to the more-is-more maximalist movement across all fashion genres, printed swimwear is back with a wild vengeance. Better still, it comes with a figure-flattering twist.

GRAZIA spoke to the founder of Australian label UNE PIECE, former international marketing expert Carly Brown. She launched her brand last summer with the aim to create the world’s most flattering swimwear.

A piece from the new UNE PIECE Cap D’Ail Collection dropping December 4

Clearly, customers agreed: her first collection of one-piece costumes made from luxe Italian fabrics had a waiting list of 500 people and sold out in just a week. Her newest collection called Cap D’Ail Collection, featuring both long-sleeve and traditional strap costumes in Factor 50 fabric, has just dropped to similar fanfare.

Here is Brown’s expert take on why minimalist beach-wear is just so last season. (Literally. Minimalist luxe was one of the four biggest swimwear trends of Summer 2016/17.)

Q&A: We Talk patterned swimwear trends with Carly Brown

WHY ARE COLOURED PRINTS THE HOTTEST THING IN SWIMEAR THIS SEASON? Saturated colours were easily the preferred palette on the Spring/Summer 2018 runways. They’re vibrant and exciting and bring holiday glamour and energy into minimal or neutral outfits.

IS THIS A RESULT OF THE MAXIMALIST TREND ACROSS FASHION IN GENERAL RIGHT NOW? The maximalist trend is all about saturating space with details – whether it’s embellished, printed or textured – plus lots of colour, and this is reflecting into swimwear this season. UNE PIECE’s new prints are our take on the maximalist trend, with fine details boldly repeated on styles with clean lines.

Pre-orders have started on this Floral Sexy Rashie style, $195 from December 4, via the UNE PIECE website

HOW ARE THEY DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS SEASONS? I’m loving seeing the different takes from brands on the new psychotropical trend [read below for definition], from dramatic and OTT prints to more refined expressions, I’m enjoying it across the board. For this season’s UNE PIECE Collection we’ve taken a hyper-real, water-colour illustrated route. While it has a bold palette and size, it’s our slightly refined take on the trend.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: global fashion prediction expert organisation WGSN has tapped Psychotropical as the biggest breakthrough fabric trend of 2018. In short, it combines visuals taken from nature like leaves, sunsets or florals with vibrant colours in a digitally-enhanced way. It describes this as “hyper-real perception of nature” and predicts it will permeate fashion, beauty and accessories heavily next year.]

I love a strong base colour with a print that isn’t too busy or too small. I loved creating our print and addressing this exact challenge: making it look beautiful on the body as well as nailing the trend.

WHAT’S THE HOTTEST PRINT OF SUMMER 2017/18? Digitally printed florals, and following that would be leopard print. I was so obsessed with it I couldn’t stop at creating just one for the new UNE PIECE collection, so we developed a hand illustrated traditional leopard and also a stunning snow leopard.

Pre-orders have started on this Snow Leopard Sexy Rashie, $195 from Dec 4, via the UNE PIECE website