Courtesy of Pandora

In the next instalment of Charms for Changes in support of UNICEF, Pandora Jewellery has ushered in the next limited-edition keepsake for your necklace or bracelet. In honour of World Children’s Day on November 20, the brand has celebrated how children of the world can come together to help each other realise their hopes and dreams for the future (needed now, more than ever). The ‘Dreams of the Future Crayon’ dangle charm was designed to represent the spirit of children today and a world full of opportunities for self- expression and access to quality education.

Nearly 200 children from the Pandora family were invited to share their interpretation of what the future looks like through their eyes, which collectively inspired the limited-edition charm. Within these artworks, themes of space, nature, heroes of tomorrow, diversity and freedom helped inform the charm with a nods to the crayon, colourful butterflies and wings.

“It was wonderful to receive so many different visions from children of the Pandora family all around the world, many of which touched on themes of nature, diversity and freedom,” Creative Directors Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo said of the process. “The final design, the crayon with wings and butterflies, symbolises how education can give you wings and help you soar, which is perfectly symbolic of the Pandora for UNICEF initiative.”

Through the Charms for Change initiative, Pandora and UNICEF are providing young people, especially girls, with the tools and opportunities they need to pursue their passions and fulfil their potential. The global companies will work to reach 10 million children and young people.

$25 from every purchase of the ‘Dreams of the Future Crayon’ dangle charm is donated to UNICEF’s programmes around the world so you can wear your support. Shop below.

Dreams Of The Future Crayon Dangle Charm (Bracelet Not Included), $89. SHOP NOW