House Speaker Nancy Pelosi presides over the vote for articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump at the Capitol on Dec. 18, 2019

There was an air of eeriness and unsettlement last night in an icy New York. Just as a giant snow squall engulfed the city, the news its mostly-liberal dwellers had been waiting for was finally confirmed by House Speaker Nancy Polesi: Donald Trump had become the third US president to ever be impeached by politicians in the House Of Representatives. And while it’s unlikely the Senate – made up largely of republicans – will order him to step down during his trial early next year, it was satisfying to watch a man who has grossly abused his power, be held semi-accountable.

Capping a dramatic and divisive chapter in US history, the House Of Representatives voted to impeach Trump on charges he solicited foreign help in his re-election campaign, used taxpayer dollars as leverage, at the expense of national security interests and then covered it all up.

Regardless of the outcome, like the snow storm, change was coming. (Even if it looks like the end of the Manhattan world below – or similar to Sydney’s current smoky state.)

As expected, the internet – read: Tik Tok and Twitter – had a field day as a barrage of memes and jokes were spread immediately. Here are some of the best reactions.

In response, Trump furiously retweeted supporters before sharing his own views – and one that lambasted Pelosi who left the timing of the trial in the air.