Just like our New Year’s Day plans were streaming Stan’s mystery drama Bloom, Valentine’s Day this year will be reserved for a psychopathic Eric Bana in podcast-come-television series, Dirty John.

Based on the LA Times podcast phenomenon of the same name, the highly-anticipated eight-part series will make its Australian debut on Netflix on February 14. For the uninitiated, Dirty John tells the true story of the beautiful and successful Debra Newell (played by Connie Britton). While she had her life sorted out in terms of a beautiful home, a high-flying job and two beautiful daughters in a way that would rival The O.C.‘s Kirsten Cohen, she longed for someone special in her romantic life – and was vulnerable to that need for companionship.

She met John Meehan – a good-looking, charming, successful doctor – on an online dating site. When he said he wanted to get married on date two, Newell’s ears pricked up. When he kept banging on about her mattress feeling so nice, she didn’t realise it was because he had been in prison. But Newell pushed her instincts aside because she was excited for what she thought he was. It was her daughters who felt something wasn’t quite right with Meehan and tried to intervene. He was indeed a dangerous criminal and con artist. We won’t ruin the ending of the podcast for those who haven’t listened to it yet but take our word: It’s absolutely gripping and takes a turn you never, ever saw coming. Listen to the podcast here.

The real John and Debra on their wedding day.

If the success of it’s American ratings are anything to go by, it will do really well. The Bravo series just wrapped in the US to record-breaking success for the network. Britton was nominated as Best Actress for her role as Debra at both the Golden Globes and the Critic’s Choice Awards this year.

Perhaps to the viewer, it plays on the same sensibilities as Penn Badgley’s new stalker thriller You, also on Netflix. Now, just for The Teacher’s Pet to get those Hollywood rights signed off.