Similarly to the Harvey Weinstein headlines, in the Tristan Thompson saga, every news day brings about another tale. Overnight, five different women have allegedly come forward citing to have been involved in affairs with the basketball star while he was with girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. Some have claimed the affairs have lasted months. One woman even said she slept with Thompson the night before Kardashian’s baby shower.

It’s heartbreaking then to watch the reality star gush over her boyfriend in interviews gone by. According to E! News, the new mum is still trying to process the allegations brought against her boyfriend and as more come to light, her family are unsure how much to tell her. Read: Which women are telling the truth? And which are attempting to cash in? “She’s not in a bubble of denial,” the source says. “She knows what’s going on and is still trying to process it, but so far, she’s managed to move past it and look forward.”

“Her friends and family are learning all these new details and it’s hard to know what’s just someone trying to cash in and what is true,” the source continued. “It’s tough to know what, if anything, to tell Khloe. If a friend tells Khloe that they heard about another cheating story, they risk being cut off by her. She’s stuck by her man in the past, so it doesn’t even seem worth it to fill her in on all the details.”

Kardashian gave birth to her first daughter with Thompson, True, last week.