They say when it comes to people who cheat, a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. Unfortunately for Tristan Thompson every single rogue spot’s detail is documented in various publications across the world.

New reports just in reveal Thompson was spotted flirting and getting very close with two women during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles in February. The women have been identified as models Jasmine Rose and Maya Nova James. His girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, was at home (and six months pregnant with his child) which is probably the part that makes this editor feel the sickest. Thompson – while partying at the afterparties – didn’t think he’d be found out but as it was in most cases on this particular weekend, cheaters became unstuck.

“Two girls were hanging out with Tristan and his crew, some other basketball players and Canadian friends, at Avenue in L.A. during All-Star Weekend,” a source told Us Weekly. “The girls were at his table and Tristan was paying more attention to one of them, but he wasn’t all over her.”

“Tristan wasn’t kissing on the girls, but he had his arms around and on the one that looks more like Khloe, Jasmine,” the source continued. “Tristan was flirting with her and didn’t look or act like someone who had a pregnant girlfriend.”

On Valentine’s Day, the Wednesday prior to the weekend, Thompson had posted a photo of he and Khloe kissing captioned “Happy Valentine’s day my love.”

Thompson of course has been at the centre of tabloid controversy when footage emerged of him actually cheating on Kardashian and kissing a girl in a club and entering a hotel with another for extended periods on multiple days. He and Kardashian welcomed a baby girl into the world just last week.