If we had a dollar for every model-slash-Instagram-star who’s cropped up in a Triangl bikini on social media in the past year, we’d be flying first class to the Caribbean with our own swimsuit-packed Louis Vuitton trunk this summer. 

Chiara Ferragni in new season Isabel Violet bikini top with peach gingham bottom, $97 for set
Credit: Instagram @chiaraferragni

Such has been the lure of the Aussie-owned brand of two-piece that’s been easy to spot through its signature neon neoprene and balcony bras detailed with contrast-coloured piping. Even A-listers like Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Chiara Ferragni and Ellie Goulding have shared snaps on social of themselves sunning in the bold pool-side numbers.

Ellie Goulding in Triangl pose
Credit: Instagram @elliegoulding

But here’s news worth celebrating for any woman who’d rather show a little less skin this summer: the brand’s stepped away from its namesake shape and has just released its first range of one-piece swimsuits in time for summer. 

The Nicola and Sisine styles, which both cost $126. SHOP NOW

But attention-lovers can rest easy – yes, there’s more coverage, but there’s nothing subtle about this radical departure for the four-year-old label. Neon colours, strategically-placed floral patches and leg lines that are as high as the bust-line is low mean they’re just as good if not better at attention-grabbing (or in many cases seeking) as their two-piece siblings.

The new range is available online now and sells from $126 for the plain styles to $136 for the balcony-busted Reine style in white.

The Reine neoprene one-piece has adopted the brand’s signature balcony bra shape, $136. SHOP NOW

The Rena and Marilou styles, both $126. SHOP NOW

Form-covering but far from subtle: the Nicola, $126. SHOP NOW
Credit: All campaign images courtesy Triangl