Money can’t buy you love but it sure can buy you a statement wedding gown that stops hearts. The fact that four of the five most expensive dresses ever made (on record, anyway) were created with brides in mind speaks volumes about the lengths some women will go to just to make a big entrance.

In our opinion though, it’s the Calvin Klein dress worn by Lupita Nyong’o on the 2015 Oscars red carpet that leaves us breathless. Which of these would you buy if you had a spare seventeen million in a Swiss bank account?

1. Renée Strauss x Martin Katz: A$16.2 million

When the famed couturier and celebrity jeweller came together to design the most expensive dress in the world, it was a match made in fashion heaven. In 2006, the duo threaded a gown with an impressive 150 carats worth of diamonds scattered across the bodice, with the gown retailing for a cool $16.2 million. The dress was presented to no doubt astounded onlookers at the Ritz-Carlton in California. 

Screen Shot 20161125 at 11301 PM
Renée Strauss x Martin Katz, Diamond Wedding Dress, $16.2 million
Credit: Instagram @reneestraussbh

2. YUMI katsura: A$8.3 Million

Undoubtedly one of the most ostentatious of the Japanese designer’s gowns, Katsura didn’t hold back on luxe finishes and fabrics for this wedding gown designed in 2006. The dress is draped in more than 1000 pearls and propped onto the waist of the dress is a five-carat white gold diamond and an 8.8-carat green diamond.

yumi katsura
Yumi Katsura, White Gold Diamond Dress, $8.3 million

3. Vera Wang: A$2 million

The distinguished designer temporarily stepped away from her love affair with white lace and ruffles in 2009. She broke all wedding dress rules when the creative decided to design a wedding dress laden with more than 2000 peacock feathers. Created for a Wedding Expo in Nanjin, China, it took eight craftspeople to stitch the feathers onto the dress.

Screen Shot 20161125 at 43407 PM
Vera Wang, Peacock Wedding Gown, $2 million
Credit: Instagram @shibasiva

4. Danasha Luxury x Jad Ghandour: A$2 million

Another wedding dress dream team was established in 2010, when Danasha Luxury teamed with Lebanese couturier Jad Ghandour to design a stunning gown – with a considerable cost, too. While the silhouette is not nearly as grandiose as the Diamond Wedding Gown, the reason it is priced at $2 million is due to the impressive 200g of 18-karat gold, 75 carats of Belgian diamonds and other precious gems as embellishment. 

Screen Shot 20161125 at 40433 PM
Danasha Luxury x Jad Ghandour, Danasha Luxury Wedding Gown, $2 million
Credit: Instagram @jghandour

5. Calvin Klein: A$1.6 million

All eyes were on Lupita Nyong’o as she stepped onto the 2015 Academy Award red carpet in this custom Calvin Klein gown. Former creative director of the House, Francesco Costa, designed a gown for the Star Wars actress purely of all-natural pearls – there were more than 2000 in total. This was the second time Costa worked with Nyong’o on a design – she donned another of his designs for the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in 2014.

Screen Shot 20161125 at 45412 PM
Calvin Klein, Pearl Gown, $1.6 million
Credit: Instagram @Lupitantongo