Image credit: Instagram/meccacosmetica

These days, I’m all about minimising my human interactions: Uber Eats, booking appointments via an app, and doing Pilates on YouTube from the comfort of home. I’m not people-averse, but sometimes, it’s nice to re-centre with no one but myself for company. I feel a similar way about facials. Nothing will ever compare to the real deal (try Venustus, Melanie Grant, ONDA, or Jocelyn Petroni if you’re looking to indulge), but there’s certainly merit in fixing my face dressed in pyjamas with Netflix playing in the background. The beauty industry gets this, thus an influx of fun, often effective, always indulgent tools have infiltrated the market. There’s crystal rollers (good vibes only), microcurrent tech tools (hello cheek bones), and blue globes you can put in the freezer (what hangover?). If you’re looking to level up your skincare game, look no further than the list below. The hardest part is choosing only one.

For Jaw Pain 

The Kora Organics Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor is designed to massage the face, move lymphatic fluid, reduce puffiness, and superficially smooth out the skin. The heart shape is sweet, but the pointed end also makes for a great pressure point massage right in the tender junction of the jaw and skull. As for facial massage, it’s best practice to use lots of oil or serum for slip, and to push upwards and outwards, as well as down your neck.

Kora Organics Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor $73. SHOP NOW

For Cheekbones Like A Hadid

Crystals are great, but for real show-stopping results, you need more than positive energy. In fact, actual energy is best, in the form of NuFace from Mecca Cosmetica – a microcurrent device that stimulates the deeper layers of the skin resulting in a tighter complexion. It looks tech-y, but it’s quite simple: you apply the gel primer (that’s packed with hyaluronic acid, so superficial plumpness is yours as well), and follow the contours of the face up and out, similar to the above. It zaps just a tiny bit, but the results are worthy. Think tighter, brighter, more lifted skin. It’s amazing before a big event, but also works long term to firm up your face. It’s the closest you can get to a remodelling facial from the comforts of home.

NuFace Trinity Device, $477. SHOP NOW

For *Self Care* 

If you’re looking for something equal parts beautiful and relaxing, you can’t go past a rose quartz roller. Dip it in warm water to help roll serums into the skin, or pop it in the freezer to nix puffy, tired skin in the morning (or both, at different stages of at-home facial). They’re perfect for using post sheet mask, too.

Angela Caglia La Vie En Rose Rose Face Roller, $99. SHOP NOW

For Post-Party Puffiness

With festive season fast approaching, chances are that sleep may soon be in short supply. The champagne however, will be free-flowing, resulting in a little post-party puffiness for some. Soothe your face (and frazzled nerves) with Aceology’s Ice Globe Facial Massager set. Pop them in the fridge for 10 minutes while you marinate under a sheet mask. Once it’s removed, run the massage globes underneath the eyes and forehead. Finish with a generous lather of moisturiser for the quickest mini-facial ever.

Aceology Blue Globe Massagers, $64. SHOP NOW

For Light Therapy At Home

If you’re a fan of facials but open to cutting back, consider investing in a Foreo UFO. The little hand-held gadget combines the power of sheet masking with LED, cryotherapy, and vibrations into one tidy 90 second treatment. You essentially place a specially fitted sheet mask onto the UFO and turn on, selecting from red (anti-ageing), green (brightening), or blue (anti-acne). Run it over the face for 90 seconds (the timer is pre-set), and voila! Bright, hydrated, post-facial face at home.

Foreo UFO Smart Mask, $500. SHOP NOW