He’s the award-winning creative best known for his cleverly-cut couture and stylish celebrity fans. Now Melbourne-based Toni Maticevski has revealed is brand’s first leather handbag range, created to complement his ready-to-wear and introduce his creatively-lauded brand to the lucrative accessory space.

Called Maticevski Leather Collection 18, the pieces will drop in September and range in price from $280 for a (surprisingly provocative ‘middle finger’ motif) keychain to the $1990 large Shopper bag. All mirror the same beautifully constructed, edgy aesthetic that is the designer’s hallmark.

“It’s something that I have wanted to do for a while,” Maticevski told GRAZIA. “I love the idea of extending the notion that dressing up for the day has a polished casual ease with the bags. They have a feeling of practicality and accessibility which was really important.”

Maticevski Leather Collection 2018

The five-piece collection made from premium Italian leather will feature four classics – Shopper bag, Daily bag, Carry-on, fold-over Clutch – plus aforementioned irreverent keychain, all sitting in a new category for the brand of standalone accessories.

“The textures and details touch on the idea of bespoke and one-off, and there’s a play on the colours from the collection. This heavy duty ‘take me from day into cocktail’ which feels modern,” he explains of the line and its gunmetal fixtures.

All pieces, photographed here with the brand’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection (making its way into stores now), will be available exclusively from tonimaticevski.com from September.

Gallery credits:
(1-2) The Carry On $1500
(3-4) The Clutch Me Fold $1150
(5-6) The Daily $1600
(7-8) The Shopper $1990
(9-10) The Petit F-U Key Chain $280