Credit: Instagram @tkaymaizda

Tkay Maidza is child-like in her mannerisms. We’re reminded though the Zimbabwe-born singer-producer is just 20-years-old and of course her experiences reflect social interactions from that of a teenager. “The idea behind the album is that its like a soundtrack to a high school girl’s life,” she says. “It’s about feeling lost but then finding your way out. There are moments of confidence and moments of feeling lonely, but at the same time knowing that you don’t need anyone or anything to be strong.” And while a closer look and deeper listen exposes those themes as ones we relate to in adult life, her sound disguises their angsty lyrics. “I guess you should expect what you’ve already heard from me,” Maidza promises. “But the sound is more mature and the productions a lot better and I’m singing a lot more on this album as well. It’s just more grown up, a more developed version of me experimenting.”

Having worked with the likes of Charlie XCX, Mark Ronson and Martin Solveig, Maidza’s frenetic beats are fiercely addictive to the best in the world, her debut album a promise of the magnetic shows to come. All these tracks – in their eclectic mix of hip-hop, pop and electronic – will be thrilling live.

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Tkay is available October 28. 

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