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Credit: Instagram @tkaymaidza

Just one week out from Tkay Maidza’s debut album release, the 20-year-old Zimbabwe-born singer has released a third single, a follow-up to Carry On. Simulation, co-written with producer and good-friend Luke McKay and singer George Maple is the one we’ve been waiting for fusing dance-pop with soulfulness.

“Luke produced a couple of my earlier songs and he’s friends with my manager so I think when I first started, I just needed someone to help play my songs when we had showcases,” Maidza told GRAZIA. “It works pretty well!”

The track drops ahead of her self-titled album, Tkay, on October 28, a cache of songs Maidza says was about navigating her way through highschool. “It’s about feeling lost but then finding your way out. There are moments of confidence and moments of feeling lonely, but at the same time knowing that you don’t need anyone or anything to be strong.” Promising a more mature sound, Maidza says the album is a more grown-up, developed version of herself. The wait is nearly over.