In the world of beauty, skin promises get bandied about almost as much as new lipstick shades are created (read: A LOT). So for many Beauty Editors, myself included, we have become skeptics of sorts, taking in every new potion and lotion with a shrewd cynicism. After all, it’s our job to analyse and critique, and in turn rather Grinch-like qualities ensue.

One such product I had my doubts about was Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum. According to countless gushing accounts (Kim Kardashian, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Georgia Fowler are all fans), this tiny glass jar promised the world; a firmer complexion, filled lines, smoother skin, the prevention of wrinkles. It was essentially the fountain of youth, bottled. I had it sitting on my vanity for a while; staring it down, sizing it up, wary of its world of promise. Then one fine day, I decided to crack open its little head, and give it a go.

Via a practical little pipette, I squeezed a few of drops (in hindsight, this was too many, one will suffice) into my palms and proceeded to smooth over my face. The first thing I noticed, was the smell. Look, it wasn’t glorious. There were no scented rose petals or hints of orange blossom. No jasmine notes or Lily of the Valley. Quite frankly, it didn’t smell great, but remember, most skincare that isn’t fragranced actually works with more efficiency. In fact, many believe the stinkier, the better – as any actives and key ingredients aren’t tainted with fragrance, thus impeding their efficacy. Plus, fragrance can be a huge irritant for many. So rather unsavoury scent aside, the first (or second) thing I noticed was how instantly firm my face looked, but also felt. It was like it had been kicked into gear and tightened all-over.

I continued to inspect my face from every angle; examining every crevasse, scrutinising every line, poring over my pores, and it all looked, well, so smooth. And this was just after the first application. They were right – it was a damn beauty miracle. I was 15 again (almost).

So what is the Sturm secret? A lot of serums boast the skin smoothing prowess of hyaluronic acid, but Dr. Sturm’s is slightly different, charged with a highly concentrated blend of long and short chain hyaluronic molecules, meaning it’s one potent little product.

Whilst I can’t accurately report on its effects on deep-set wrinkles (not there yet, hopefully with this won’t be there anytime soon), I definitely noticed the fine dehydration lines around my eyes suitably smoother, plus my expression lines more plump. My whole guise just looked so refreshed and radiant; I was smooth and glow-y.

It may have a hefty price-tag, but for those desperately seeking smooth skin; Dr. Sturm’s your gal.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum, $440.
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Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @bellahadid