When Victoria Beckham recently visited Australia, she changed up her whole skincare routine thanks to local skin angel, Melanie Grant. For the beauty-loving Beckham who is privy to almost every beauty product and treatment in the world, adhering to an all-new skincare regime was a big shake-up, and the ultimate compliment to Grant. And since leaving our shores, Beckham has stuck to her skin guns, maintaining Melanie’s skincare routine at home (loyal, indeed).

Now one of the converted, she preached Grant’s gospel on Instagram uploading a series of videos in her iconic ‘VB’ robe and towel, slathering on a cream to the camera. Bleary-eyed, tired and battling “crazy jet-lag”, it turns out Victoria Beckham’s cure for exhausted skin is a bespoke mask Melanie made her in Sydney.

“So I have been up since 3am, crazy jet-lag, my skin feels like it needs a real good treatment this morning, it needs hydrating, needs some moisture put back in, so I’m going to start the day – yes with a strong coffee – followed up with this custom-made mask that I got from Melanie Grant when I was in Australia.”

Liberally smoothing the cream across her entire face, she added: “It smells delicious, it smells like strawberries, it feels amazing going on the skin.” Beauty advocacy as its best, she even blatantly flashes the branded cream – in an adorable pink jar – so everyone can see.

But for Beckham, who is always diligent when it comes to her beauty routine, she concludes by sharing her one skincare rule: “Always make sure that everything that you do for your face, you also do for your neck.” Sage beauty advice, indeed. As for us, we’re off to pay Melanie Grant a visit.