When Lady Gaga first appeared on our screens as Ally in A Star Is Born – bashful, bare-faced and beautifully undone – it was a version of Gaga so far removed to the one we know so well. It was jarring, shocking almost, but so beautiful. Here was this mega pop star – and one of the most experimental, nonconformist artists of our time – stripped back and raw. Her peroxide blonde hair a mousey brown, her stylised coif messy and unkempt, her face free of makeup, bar the bare minimum. It was the Ally Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) fell in love with, and so did we. And now Gaga’s longtime makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, has revealed exactly what she used – or rather didn’t use – on Ally.

“I would use chapstick and brow gel,” says Tanno. “Then I would sweep a bit of cream bronzer across the cheeks and nose to add warmth so it would have a different shape of what we usually do.” Coverage was kept so minimal, Tanno seldom used foundation. “Rarely did she even wear foundation. She has the most gorgeous skin!”

A gentle sweeping of cream bronzer, a slick of clear brow gel and good ol’ chapstick: it’s a simple, foolproof beauty routine to take heed of, because sometimes less truly is more.