When it comes to perfecting your winged eyeliner, there are always certain makeup mandatories involved. Liquid Liner. Tick. Eye Pencil. Tick. Pot of Eyeliner Gel. Tick. Sharp angled brush. Tick. Cotton buds. Tick.

But according to Michael Ashton, the man responsible for Adele’s iconic feline flick, when it comes to the last must-have, you shouldn’t be using any ordinary cotton bud. On a recent trip to Sydney, Ashton revealed the exact cotton bud we need to fix our inevitable eyeliner mistakes, and it’s only $4.95. Pocket change.

“If you make a mistake, the Muji Thin Cotton Tips are the best because they’re super fine.”

And bad mistakes – we’ve made a few. We’ve all experienced that dreaded winged liner mess. In fact, the winged eyeliner clean-up is almost as imperative as its initial execution. “If you do it at a 45-degree angle, you can clean that line and drag and lift because they’re so fine, giving you that final flick. A normal Q-Tip is so chunky it makes a mess,” he adds.

Like music to our ears, the ultra fine tip of the Muji Thin Cotton bud is just the tool to remedy any unsolicited smudge or wayward lines. As every woman and man will attest, the struggle is most certainly real when it comes to the feline flick – any slight movement, any itch, flinch, wink, wobble – and the eyeliner is ruined. So with Ashton’s beauty enlightenment comes a collective sigh of relief for the beauty masses.

And considering how perfect Adele’s winged eyeliner is, we trust him with our beauty life. BRB, off to Muji.

MUJI Thin Cotton Bud, $5.