Narciso Rodriguez’s new scent Pure Musc should come with some kind of cautionary alert. Why? It’s addictive. Very, very addictive.

A kind of olfactory addiction to revel in, Pure Musc is the kind of addiction you want in your life; a hypnotic musky chypre you can’t help but spritz over and over again. It smells like fresh sheets and whipped meringue. Of musk sticks from the milk bar and delicate white flowers. Of warm cashmere and soft marshmallow. It’s intoxicating yet delicate, a beautiful dichotomy which makes you feel alive with every mist.

An homage to its original For Her perfume, (who could forget that perfect blush bottle and an ethereally braided Carmen Kass in 2003?), the new fragrance plays on the heart of the For Her franchise: musk (and reprises those famous braids). The signature note throughout its various iterations, Pure Musc is perhaps its mightiest ode to the singular note; a kind of olfactive dedication to musk in its entirety. It’s an important note not only to the brand, but to Rodriguez himself. “Musc has a timelessness and an olfactory depth that’s also very personal and intimate; it becomes one with the woman who wears it,” muses the designer. “for her Pure Musc eau de parfum is the ultimate interpretation of musc, which is why it is so addictive.”

And should you wish to heighten that addiction further, Pure Musc allows fragrance combining with its For Her sisterhood; Fleur Musc and the original For Her fragrance.

A celebration of musk, but more importantly a celebration of the beautiful duality of women, let this be your new addiction.