Stranger Things have happened in the world of hair. Selena bleached her hair blonde. Kate Hudson shaved her head. Kim Kardashian went grey (unnaturally). One hair happening which was not so strange, but rather, truly captivating, was Millie Bobby Brown’s triple braided top-knot at the Golden Globes. Everyone’s favourite 13 year old breathed new meaning into the saying ‘triple threat’ by way of hair, sporting a triple braided top-knot at the Awards show, prompting some serious hair envy.

From the front, it appeared to be a simple top-knot; pulled back tightly, slicked down and knotted into a tiny tight bun. A classic winner, always. From the back however, it was party party party, with three perfectly-placed chunky braids, which snaked from the nape of her neck to the bun.

The hairstyle, created by hairstylist Blake Erik, was the perfect embodiment of youth and classicism; childish braids offset with a sophisticated bun, it’s a style we’ve bookmarked for the summer (and the perfect antidote to the current heatwave). We asked celebrity hairstylist and Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist, Renya Xidis, on how to elevate your top-knot like Eleven.

Here, Renya shows us how (Eggos not included).


“This classic yet modern look can be achieved in 4 easy steps.”

  1. Prep and blow dry with Wella EIMI Perfect Setting.
  2. Section the hair from the top of the crown, dividing the hair into three sections and individually French braid from the nape to the top of the crown, secure the braids with an elastic.
  3. With the front half of the hair, use EIMI Stay Styled to spray and brush each section from the crown to the hairline, into a high ponytail. Secure the whole hair with another elastic
  4. Create a top-knot and secure with fringe pins, finish off with EIMI Superset.
Tile Image: Instagram, @milliebobbybrown
Cover Image: Instagram, @blakeerik