Nobody puts Bella in a corner, especially not in Cannes. Arriving on the red carpet for the Magnum x Alexander Wang event in Nice, the fresh-faced Hadid exchanged her signature sleek bob for curls, and lots of them.

Referencing a curly Jennifer Grey in 1987’s Dirty Dancing – or a hotted-up Sandy in Grease – Hadid was sprouting a fountain of curls for the French film festival, all thanks to celebrity hairstylist and gal pal Jen Atkin. A retro redux on the ’70s and ’80s cinematic classics, the hairstyle was made modern with a little Aktin magic. Tied up with a small elastic at the root, tiny coils – almost ringlet-like – bounced around Hadid’s face – rosy, glossy and angelic. Wispy tuffs were pulled out around the ear – an irrelevant nod the’90s – and the bouncy halo was complete.

Here, Jen Atkin shares her exact Bella breakdown, including one interesting tip using brow powder. This could be our new favourite hairstyle; bookmark for your next sunny aperitif.

1. Prep hair with Ouai Jelly curl
2. Blowdry with Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer with diffuser attachment and a medium airflow on low heat
3. Use Ouai memory mist all over
4. wrap small sectiosn around a 19m eideal curlie iron
5. use a blax hair elastic to secure a half up ponytail 
6. finish with vernon francois pure fro hold and shine serum
7. fill in part and hairline with anastasia pro brow palette