For supermodel Elle MacPherson, a life spent by the sea inevitably took its toll on her skin. Sharing her skin story on Get The Gloss recently, the original super spoke of a time when “sunbathing and baby oil was all the rage,” growing up in Australia “mostly on a beach under the sun.” In what seems like an unthinkable occurrence now (we are of course versed in the language of SPF), back then – namely the 60s and 70s – it was but an accepted part of our social vernacular: Bondi, bikinis and baby oil.

A baby of the ’60s, “sunshine” was ostensibly in her DNA, but for the supermodel, “it shows today in my skin.”

So what does the model do now to remedy a life spent in the sun? She approaches her skincare with a diligent and considered routine, and “covers up”, of course. First, to heal parched, damaged skin from the outside, she swears by La Mer’s Crème De La Mer (a supermodel and celebrity favourite), noting: “When my skin is very dry I use Crème De La Mer for my face.”

Then for chapped, sun-kissed lips, Australian favourite Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment is a sure-bet (and a beauty rite of passage for any Aussie). An SPF is a obviously a non-negotiable, with MacPherson opting for an SPF 50+ for the face: “I like to find an organic no-chemical sunscreen which I apply in the morning if I know I am having a day outside. I have one in my handbag to reapply if needed.” And of course, a hefty dose of beauty food The Super Elixir every morning, to heal her skin from the inside.

Add a chic rashie (Melissa Odabash is Elle’s fave) and a cowboy hat, and you’re halfway to becoming ‘The Body’.