If you’ve ever wanted to fill your home with Gelato Messina, you’re in luck.

Instead of endless scoops of Salted Caramel & White Chocolate or Coconut & Lychee, however, there’s a far more salubrious (and stylish) way to do it. Our favourite local candle connoisseur, Maison Balzac, has joined creative forces with the gelato geniuses at Messina to bring you two new candles that smell as sumptuous as they look.


Miel D’Hiver and Miel D’Été are an homage to the bee, or rather, the sweet golden nectar of the bee: honey (or miel in French). Celebrating the seasonal dance of the bees and inspired by the signature honey dish of Messina’s Creative Department (and one of their most beloved ingredients), the complementary candles immortalise the importance and beauty of the bee.

Miel D’Hiver (winter honey in French) is a mélange of all plants pollinated by bees in winter. With top notes of smoke, thyme and lemon, and a base of tonka bean and palo santo, dig a little deeper and it has a heart of gold; cedarleaf, frankincense and nutmeg, to be precise.

While Miel D’Été (summer honey) is what you’d imagine to be the perfect day in summer; a balmy honey scent with notes of bergamot, jasmine and hyacinth; exuberant, joyous and a little sweet.

Born from a shared ethos of quality, quirky design and playful nostalgia, the two Sydney-based brands have distilled their unique vision into a set of scented candles grounded by synesthesia. Burned on their own, they reveal two seperate seasonal flowers enjoyed by the bees in both winter and summer. When burned together, however, a new olfactive experience unfurls – one best enjoyed shared, like ice-cream.

And what better way to celebrate than with ice-cream. To celebrate the launch, Gelato Messina have created a custom gelato flavour – Miel – a citrus-infused honey gelato with honeycomb and burnt caramel, available at all Messina cabinets from 7th July, until stocks last.

A truly delicious alchemy, this collaboration really is the bees knees.

the maison balzac x messina gelato collection is available to purchase here.