The It-Girl. That intangible breed of cool girl: the Alexas, the Bellas, the Caras, the Kendalls. It is they who now dictate beauty trends. From their glamorous perch high in the heavens of starry celebrity, famous offspring and up-and-comers precipitate and promote hair and makeup trends via bite-sized digital pieces (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the like). But who is this new breed of It-Girl, and what does she look like?

Move over flower crown. Sayonara top knot. Au revoir red lip. Non non non contour. This new It-Girl is a much cooler, more playful, more urban girl – with je ne sais quoi in spades and a hefty dose of insouciance tucked into her back, reconstructed denim pocket.

The It-Girl beauty modus operandi right now? Double buns and tonal pink. A beauty look set to make its mark on Australia’s biggest fashion festival – the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival – we have the exclusive, even before it hits the runway.

A gloriously cool rehashing of that iconic ‘Spice Girl’ double bun, VAMFF’s reimagining is slightly askew, slightly offbeat and resolutely more street. “A little bit Spice Girls, a bit Björky, those kind of vibes, those kind of strong, It Girl-y types that had a bit of a look…quite ’90s,” notes Priceline Hair Director Kenneth Stoddart.

The girlish leanings are lost, replaced with an asymmetric articulation as oppose to the dolly perfection of decades past. Bulbous knots sit irregularly – remember the golden It-Girl rule: imperfect is key to cool. And those wispy tuffs – you know the ones, fluffy flyaways seen on every model backstage – certify model-off-duty cred.

“She’s that girl who knows her identity. She’s free-spirited, she’s young – but she knows what she’s doing. She’s not just every day, she’s now – but with a bit of quirk.”

A sentiment echoed in the makeup, with a playful and suitably pink look. The harsh contour and restrained red lip of It-Girls past have been substituted for a lively, spirited look. It’s one that relies on that ubiquitous shade millennial pink, with washes across lid, lip and cheek. “This trend that I’ve called ‘triple threat pink’, with pink on the eye, cheek and lip. It’s an adaptation of that,” says Priceline Makeup Director Sarah Laidlaw, who will paint model faces with the shade at VAMFF. In terms of the lash, “it’s not a traditional, pretty lash, but more of this piecey, chunky lash,” which adds a dimension of urbanity and toughens up the pink.

A beauty look for the new It-Girl; the GRAZIA girl, it’s the girl we want to be – all day, every day.

Official VAMFF proceedings begin March 1 and the Runway program will come to a close with the GRAZIA x VAMFF Runway Show on Saturday, March 10. Meet the new It Girl there – buns and all.

Tickets for the GRAZIA x VAMFF Runway Show are limited and available to purchase now. More information on the show, Runway 7, is available here.