It’s the top that single-handedly made muscle shirts cool again, and now it’s working wonders in an even more radical way. 

This limited edition tank tee by Johdi Meares’ luxe sports brand The Upside is a collaboration with RU OK? and every cent raised (yep, 100 per cent) from its sales in-store and online at The Upside and The Iconic will go to the charity. “When we first started working on our own Be You campaigns, our team realised many people struggle with personal battles and stopping to ask this simple question, R U OK?, could be enormously effective,” says Meares.

Here’s three more reasons we’re adding to cart immediately.

1. It costs half the usual price A typical muscle tank by The Upside for women, like this one in white, costs $99. This R U OK? version more collectible, but costs half the dollars. Feel-goods all round.

resize singer Barry Conrad and Substance Blog Ally Haywood
Singer Barry Conrad and blogger Aly Haywood, founder of Substance
Credit: courtesy The Upside

2. It’s unisex cut is more flattering Honestly, who doesn’t love a long tee when wearing leggings? This one is lengthy enough to wear straight if you want your butt covered, or to knot at your waist if you want to flash your toned midriff. Longer arm-holes mean you can show off your fave designer bra top, Kendall-style, and it’s even long enough to wear as a mini dress come summer. Multiple purpose magic.

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The Upside, R U OK? Tank, $49.95. SHOP NOW

3. without being dramatic, it could literally save a friend’s life It’s the leading cause of death for young men and women under 25 – more than car accidents or skin cancer – but suicide is still a topic many folks feel uncomfortable discussing. But now that stats show one in four young Aussies battle some kind of mental challenge, whether depression, anxiety or otherwise, it’s more important than ever they feel safe enough to speak up if they’re struggling. Since its launch seven years ago, the not-for-profit R U OK? charity has worked tirelessly to encourage people to ask one another that question openly, particularly on national R U OK? Day (this year on September 8). It – just like this shirt – could spark a conversation that could literally save a life. That simple.

ru ok resize
Bondi Beach locals gathering forces to ask a powerful question last R U OK? Day
Credit: R U OK?

Fashion in general is a pretty self-centric game. We buy things and wear things because we feel good in them and ideally look good in them too. To purchase a piece because it helps others isn’t so common, but here’s your chance to do exactly that – AND look pretty hot in the process. Thanks Johdi.

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The Upside founder Johdi Meares
Courtesy: The Upside