For a brand built on old school leather craftsmanship, Furla has definitely carved out its own space in the edgy statement bag sphere.

And while its basic font logo might not send fashion groupies wild like other designer brands that stamp their monikers like a screaming status symbols all over their wares, its prolific ‘signature’ bag is now a regular fixture with fashion editors, A-list stars and style bloggers outside fashion week.

xslideshow1“They’re the perfect size,” says Margaret Zhang of Furla’s wildly popular Metropolis bag
Credit: Courtesy Furla

That chain-handled bag, called the Metropolis, has two singular appeals to those in the know: one, that each season there is a fresh crop of colours, patterns and often kitschy motif, and two, they’re so affordable compared to other luxury brands it’s not out of the question to own them in a buffet. (In a nutshell, the location of Furla’s factory in Firenze is very close to Italy’s best tanneries, which means they can produce high quality bags at reduced cost, embracing the philosophy that expensive doesn’t necessarily equal luxurious.)

Two collectible Metropolis iterations from the Cruise collection in Australian stores now
Credit: Steven Chee for Grazia

“They’re the perfect size,” says Margaret Zhang of the Metropolis. “Your wallet, a pair of sunnies, a notepad, your phone and chargers, a passport, a few travel size beauty products…” she continues. Layer on a kitschy bear or robot keychain and contrasting fur pompom and you have the makings of a talking point accessory.

Furla, Venere Bangle Blu Cobalto, $129. SHOP NOW
Furla, Lady Crystal Keyring Peperoncino, $99. SHOP NOW
Furla, Venere Bracelet Ruby, $189. SHOP NOW

The brand’s founder Aldo Furlanetto, who began the company as an elegant wholesale business in 1927, might not have dreamed of it becoming a go-to for cool kids nine decades later, but under current creative director Fabio Fusi, that’s exactly where it’s landed. Think: off-duty fans of the brand including Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo, Miranda Kerr, Solange Knowles, Margaret Zhang and Chiara Ferragni. Then throw in the fashion week jet-set and Coachella crowd and you’ll understand the label’s new scope as it celebrates its 90th anniversary this year.

Gigi Hadid carrying her Furla Candy Backpack in New York
Credit: Getty Images

It’s not hard to see the appeal. Yes, there are elegant, sombre-toned purses, totes and handbags, but for every low-key classic there’s an equally out-there statement piece on offer too. Next season’s Spring 2017 bag collection, for example, contains no less than 50 exclusive prints worked around jungle animal motifs, including monkeys, panthers, zebras and parrots. For its Cruise 2017 capsule collection, there’s metallic snakeskin, cute camouflage, floral embroidery and even glitter.

Several standout pieces from the Cruise collection in stores now
Credit: Steven Chee for GRAZIA Australia

Tapping into the bucket bag phenomenon and two key trends for the fast-approaching Spring/Summer 2017 season dark pink and graphic stripes the brand’s Cruise 2017 capsule also featured several sizes of each, along with a limited edition small version in dark navy. Naturally, there are several Metropolis offerings in the same colour palettes, along with a limited edition artful camouflage print.

Furla, Piper Top Handle Toni Avio, $509. SHOP NOW
Furla, Stacy Bucket Bag Navy, $549. SHOP NOW

Little wonder the brand now produces over a million bags a year: the variety and price tag means collecting Furla pieces has become fashion sport for many. Which will you start-slash-garnish your collection with this season?

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Credit: courtesy Furla